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HRX-1 interface

Portable adjustable robotic interface for upper limb neuromotor research

Download the datasheet (PDF)

This robotic interface is dedicated to investigating upper limb neuromechanics that span off from our clinical, neuroscience and human-robot interaction research. The current design allows for controlled actuation of wrist or elbow flexion/extension in horizontal and vertical planes.


The compact and light portable interface can be quickly installed by mounting it to a table with clamps. Ergonomic wrist design and adjustable arm support ensure human-robot joint alignment providing comfortable natural movements for various sizes of hand/arm.


The system can be used for single hand actuation (replaceable left/right wrist handle) or for bi-manual or for human-human collaborative experiments.


Torque and angular position sensing can be used for real-time feedback and to analyse performance and model individual neuromechanics. The robot can be controlled in current, velocity and position control modes and programmed in Matlab, Matlab Simulink, C/C++. The system can be easily used together with EMG and EEG sensing.

Key capabilities

  • +/- 140 degrees rotation

  • peak torque 4 Nm

  • angle and torque sensing

  • weight 4 kg

  • power 240-800 W

  • power supply (230 VAC to 20-30V , 12-26 A)

Wrist & Elbow configuration

The interface is easily reconfigurable for wrist and elbow settings for left or right hands with the help of replaceable ergonomic handles and arms supports 

Bimanual setup

The robot can be used in bi-manual configuration to study left and right arm neuro-motor coordination

Vertical &
horizontal planes

The interface can be easily and steadily mounted to operate in different planes


Our team

The co-founders of HumanRobotiX

Etienne Burdet

Professor, Imperial College London

Ildar Farkhatdinov

Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London

Honorary Lecturer, Imperial College London

Aaron Yurkewich

Research associate

Imperial College London

Joshua Brown

Research assistant

Imperial College London

Queen Mary University of London